The Importance and Responsibility of Mass Appeal

I don't think I've met anyone who has said, "Boy, you know what I would like? To write/film/make [insert media here] and wallow in obscurity! Yessiree, nothing better than being forgotten." It usually doesn't happen. So, it's then strange how we (myself included) have a tendency to dismiss a band/show/movie/book/video game/what-have-you just because it's popular. … Continue reading The Importance and Responsibility of Mass Appeal


Fire Emblem Fates: Shoehorned Mechanics

Video games are a relatively new storytelling medium. As a whole, they have been around for barely half a century and have been telling coherent stories for only a fraction of that time. The earliest video games were simply that, games where only the mechanics mattered. Pong was table tennis, Pac-Man was a sort of … Continue reading Fire Emblem Fates: Shoehorned Mechanics