Living with ADD/ADHD: The Search for Structure

For the inaugural post of "Free Talk Friday", I'm going to get a little personal. For those of you reading this who know me, this might be a little bit of a shock; for the rest of you reading this, not so much (we haven't met, so you probably have nothing to go on). I … Continue reading Living with ADD/ADHD: The Search for Structure


The “Rightful Heir” as a Trope

Imagine this scenario: you are inĀ  a medieval-esque kingdom in some nondescript fantasy world. Word reaches you that the king is a tyrant and does all the things that tyrannical rulers do: extract exorbitant taxes from the people (including the nobility! such horror), spends lavishly on himself (finest clothes, tastiest foods, most splendiferous palaces and … Continue reading The “Rightful Heir” as a Trope